Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas, Celebrations and Compassion

We very often blame young generation for their unconcern attitude towards serious incidents around but an incident yesterday night, evoke mixed feelings in one's mind. My son Aniket was chilling with his friends at 'Di Bella' Cafe at Veer Savarkar Road, Shivaji Park, having coffee, taking photographs with Santa n celebrating Christmas. Their celebrations got disturbed with a thudding noise which compelled them to come out of Cafe to see what exactly had hapened. Shockingly these young boys found a bike fallen on the middle of the road and two young boys lying in d pool of blood. While some were callously busy clicking photos of accident, few responsible citizens in the crowd gathered, tried to stop the cabs and other vehicles to take the injured to the Hinduja Hospital, few meters away. No vehicle stopped and the cabbies too refused on some or other pretext to ply seriously injured young boys to hospital. Aniket and his friends volunteered immediately to take them in their car to hospital without wasting time as it could be seen that both of them were in a very serious state. Unfortunately, one boy had a head injury, endangering his life. Here it needs to understand that both of them were not wearing helmets which caused grave impact on the head. Obviously, they needed to be attended immediately at the hospital. Aniket and his friends forego their celebrations, left their coffee and snacks on the table itself and left immediately to rush the injureds to Hinduja Hospital. Atul, a kindhearted employee of cafe 'Di Bella' too joined them. Meanwhile, the group of other young boys, pretty elderly to Aniket and his friends, mute spectators to this incident, were waiting for a table to occupy and missed no chance and rushed into the cafe to occupy the table immediately. This was contrary to the actions of the group of Aniket and his friends Shalvadeep, Anmol, Vinayak and Mihir who had only one aim that is 'to ensure immediate medical aid to victims'. The group of five along with some more young boys gathered there accompanied injured young boys to Hinduja Hospital and ensured timely emergency medical assistance to injured. Meanwhile, a known person to injured young boys reached the hospital and took charge of the situation. While the Christmas began to be celebrated the bells of compassion, love and brotherhood were ringing in the hearts of these young boys. The light of satisfaction of being able to fulfill duty had began to enlighten their mind and when they returned to cafe Di Bella a surprise was waiting for them. The generous Manager of the cafe  offered the team of young boys free coffee and snacks which these young boys politely declined as now they were really contented to have celebrated 'Merry Christmas' the way Jesus has shown to Mankind. Jesus measured greatness in terms of service, not status. God determines your greatness by how many people you serve, not how many people serve you. 

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