Saturday, October 3, 2009

'कुणाच्या खांद्यावर कुणाचे ओझे ' 'Kunachya Khandyavar Kunache Ojhe'

'कुणाच्या खांद्यावर कुणाचे ओझे ' Kunachya khandyavar kunache Ojhe

A direct translation of this sentence means 'Who's burden on who's shoulders'. And that is exactly what is happening in politics today. My party has decided to field a candidate who has been a congress baiter and a congress hater all his political life. Not he has been given a ticket for my constiuency - Mahim - Shivaji Park where I have been working deligently for several years, addressing and solving problems of the citizens. I have been working relentlessly for improving the quality of life of this wonderful constituency.

Now that Mr. Sarvankar has been given a ticket to contest the elections, the burden of chosing the 'right' candidate to represent the people is on the shoulders of the people of this constituency. I am also surprised, disappointed and disgusted by the way some people in my party have been functioning. The injustice meted out to me by the 'party leaders' is a clear indication that the Congress in Mumbai is on a road to disaster. Mr. Sarvankar is rightfully disappointed by the treatment meted out to him by the Shiv Sena, but then he should have also thought of the injustice done by him by hijacking my right for contesting the elections in Mahim - Shivaji Park.

I refuse under protest to help Mr. Sarvankar in these elections. How can I support a right winger Hindutvavadi Shiv Sainik who is not even aware of the Congress philosophy? How can I support the very elements who I have been fighting against?

I need your comments and help in fighting this injustice.
Till then, the burden is on your shoulders.

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