Saturday, August 1, 2009



When there are waves, there is turbulence, sometimes leading to chaos. Luckily, this time, when Mumbai experienced the highest waves in 100 years, the raain gods had mercy on Mumbai and this wonderful city was not flooded. We were saved from a potential disaster like July 26, 2005.

But there are many other waves that are 'striking' the city incessantly. There have been strikes by the doctors, the teaching community is on an indefinite strike and soon the Maharashtra Government employees, the State Transport employees have given a call for a strike. These waves are, sooner or later, bound to hit the normal life of all Mumbaikars and I am sure, a settlement will be reached soon to prevent a disastrous situation.

Coming back to the sea waves, it is surprising that some channels keep giving adverse views of the water logging situation year after year. As soon as it rains, we find the the cameras of some channels trained on very typical of places like the Santacruz subway, Hindmata and Parel area and the Wadala and King's Circle area. This is probably because the reporters have never lived in Mumbai. This water logging problem has been prevalent for years now and the reason has been the unique geographical position and the structural properties of this city. When the city is faced with heavy rains during high tide, the water does not flow into the sea, leading to water logging. This is going to stay as no government or agency can now raise the level of the ground so high above the sea level. I do not wish to dwell on the education and experience levels of the reporters.

Let us face it. We, as citizens of Mumbai have systematically been destroying what is dear to us... the city of Mumbai. We have cemented large tracks of land, which prevents the seepage of water into the ground, making it flow onto the roads, leading to water logging. We have destroyed vast areas of the ecologically sensitive mangroves making Mumbai more prone to floods.

On one hand, we have water flooding and on the other hand, we face water shortage every year. With the population of the city growing, it is but natural that there will be a strain on resources.
The late Hon.Prime Minister Shri.Rajiv Gandhi always promoted a scientific temperament. And we, as responsible citizens should find a logical, scientific solution to these problems. Rainwater harvesting is one such solution to reduce the water shortage crisis that the city faces every summer. Even if 2 percent buildings in the city adopt rainwater harvesting, it could make a tremendoues change in the situation.

It takes will power... peoples will power and political willpower to implement such schemes. This government and the party is committed to improving the life of the citizens of Mumbai and the country. Yes, sometimes it does take time, as what has been done cannot be undone by just wishing it away. But the commitment is there, the will is there to make it happen.

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